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Connect with 25,000+ local charities and track your impact.

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"Neighbourly is a change for good, helping to ease logistics and connect our business to local community groups and charities – which is an essential foundation in creating enjoyable places for people to live, work and play."

- Guy Nixon, CEO at Native Residential

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An opportunity in every neighbourhood

Neighbourly is home to a network of over 25,000 local charities and community groups around the UK & Ireland, from food banks to community centres to hospices.

This means we're able to match your employees with groups that will genuinely benefit from their time and skills.

Taking this needs-led approach makes your programmes all the more effective.

Matching made easy

Starting an employee volunteer programme is easy with Neighbourly.

Create your campaign and select the causes you care about by location and by impact theme, so your teams can get connected.

There are endless opportunities to lend support and make a difference

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Measure and report on your impact

From clearing miles of river to teaching school children how to manage money, we’ll give you insight into your organisation's input and the tangible impact felt in the communities you support.

Volunteering programmes are tracked through your ESG Impact Dashboards, with downloadable data for management reports and sharing with colleagues.

We help you understand your impact financially, and in human terms, and how it maps to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Monitor employee engagement

Maximise the impact of your volunteering campaigns by utilising employee feedback.

Our surveys measure engagement and satisfaction, providing insights to create more impactful volunteer experiences with valuable input from your team.

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Take your corporate volunteering programme to the next level