Got surplus products? Don't let them go to waste.

We ensure your product surplus is put to good use in the community.

Work with our team of surplus redistribution experts, supported by a platform transacting thousands of donations every day.

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Trusted by some of the UK's largest businesses

Reducing product waste is now a critical business and environmental need

As environmental & social governance (ESG) takes centre stage as a key element of corporate strategy, today’s businesses recognise that customers and employees are looking for companies to show they are responsible.

And to earn their trust, businesses need to demonstrate a genuine concern about the world we live in, and a determination to improve it in a meaningful way, every day.

With mandatory food waste reporting under consultation in England - reducing waste is now a business priority that can benefit not only the bottom line but ambitions to achieve net-zero through the reduction in carbon emissions.

How Neighbourly helps businesses reduce product waste

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Maximise efficiency, minimise admin

Whether you need regular collections or ad-hoc pick-ups, you can benefit from our vast network of local causes to provide full network coverage, with everything donated supporting local communities.

Our technology integrates with internal operations and handles the complexity of different product types - taking away the operational headache whilst maximising the amount that can be donated.


Ensure excess products go to those who need them

Neighbourly is home to a network of over 20,000 charities, schools and community groups across the UK and Ireland.

It’s all about getting your surplus directly to the people who need it most: homeless centres, schools, breakfast clubs, community centres, community fridges, community cafes, night shelters, refuges, churches and hospices.

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Demonstrate social & environmental impact

The platform offers complete transparency through the surplus distribution supply chain.

You receive impact reports that measure the volumes of waste, by product type and at store level, the percentage that has been given to communities, and the social and environmental impact of the overall effort.

Interested in how we can help you reduce product waste?     

Speak with one of our redistribution experts to explore how the Neighbourly platform could reduce your product waste and support your net-zero ambitions.