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Welcome to Neighbourly’s digital skills volunteering campaign. We're so excited that you're interested in taking part!

This is the perfect volunteering opportunity if you’d like to share your digital knowledge with charities and community groups, from the comfort of your home or office. No need to be a tech guru or have advanced AI skills - if you’re comfortable with basic tech tasks and using computers that’s all that’s needed to get involved.

We’ve provided a range of user-friendly Microsoft resources to help you provide basic training, or you may have some more specialist skills that could help our community! 

Head to our resources library > 

About the campaign

Neighbourly's 'DigitalBridge' campaign is facilitating the transfer of digital and AI expertise from employee volunteers to community organisations within our network. 

The initiative aims to provide digital upskilling resources to charities and grassroots groups that often lack funding for such initiatives. Through this skills-based volunteering programme, and by leveraging the knowledge of corporate volunteers, we’re empowering these organisations to enhance their digital capabilities and explore new solutions.

How to take part

  • Visit the campaign page to start browsing the opportunities
  • Look at all the opportunities across the country rather than just your local area or region - this volunteering can be delivered remotely
  • If you see something you’d like to help with - register your interest!
  • Wait for the good cause to set up an event, then sign up with your company volunteering code 
  • If you're supporting the charity with AI basics, before your session, familiarise yourself with the presentation templates and training materials from Microsoft (linked below)
  • If you're supporting the charity with other digital skills, liaise with the charity lead to discuss the tasks 
  • Meet with your charity partner - we suggest a remote, informal 1-2 hour session where you can get to know each other and provide the agreed support


Q: What sort of charities and good causes would I be helping?

A: There’s a wide variety of small charities and community causes that need support - from youth charities to food banks to community groups. As this is remote volunteering you can look outside of your local area or region.

Q: Do I need to be a tech expert or experienced trainer?

A: Specialist knowledge in software or generative AI tools isn’t necessary to get involved. Resources will be provided to guide the sessions on Gen AI, but we recommend that you have at least a basic level of digital confidence.

Q: I am skilled in a particular area - can I use those skills to help a charity?

A: There's a whole range of digital skills needs being posted on the campaign page - browse through the opportunities available and see where your skills could best be used.

Q: How is Microsoft involved?

A: Microsoft are leaders in AI and digital skills development, and we’re delighted to be teaming up with them to provide beginner AI training resources to support this programme.

Q: Are the Microsoft resources free to access?

A: All of the training courses below are free to access. 

Q: Is Copilot free to access?

A: The basic Copilot experience is free to access on the web and mobile apps, Windows, and Microsoft Edge. However, organisations that want to use Copilot with Microsoft apps and access more advanced features must have purchased either Microsoft Copilot Pro or Copilot for Microsoft 365. Some of the more advanced training resources below are only relevant for those with licences.

Q: Are there set times and dates for this volunteer activity?

A: Once you've registered your interest, you can liaise with your partner good cause to agree on a suitable time that works for you both.

Q: Will I meet with my partner good cause in person?

A: Meeting in person isn’t necessary unless you both wish to. The sessions can be delivered remotely.

Q: How much time should I allow for this?

A: We suggest a 1-2 hour session to get to know each other and provide the initial support. Further sessions can be agreed between you if required. Before the sessions, we suggest spending some time on preparation, so you're ready to get going.


AI beginner resources include:

  • Intro to Gen AI Basic Level including; what, how, opportunities, risks, staying safe etc.

  • Intro to Prompt Engineering

  • Build Your Generative AI Productivity Skills with Microsoft and LinkedIn

  • Generative AI Skills for Creative Content: Opportunities, Issues, Ethics

  • Copilot in PowerPoint: From Prompt to Presentation (additional Pro or 365 licence required)

  • Excel with Copilot: AI-Driven Data Analysis (additional Pro or 365 licence required)

DigitalBridge Resources Library

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